Moving Forward – Workforce Development in California


The Moment Is Here

This is a moment of tremendous opportunity for California’s workforce programs and institution, which have suffered from neglect and underfunding for numbers of years. Each of the initiatives described builds on innovative efforts that have been incubating in the regions even in the face of fiscal and other obstacles.


Report Author: The California EDGE Coalition

Date: October 2013


This short paper identifies some of the key workforce achievements of this past year and points to a number of implementation challenges the state faces to ensure that we succeed in transforming a fragmented delivery system into to one that works effectively for students, job-seekers, and employers alike. To learn more, download the full text of the article here.

New Funding to Kickstart

In 2013, the Legislature took another step toward the development of a robust career pathway system when it allocated $250 M to build on California’s strong foundation of Partnership Academies, Linked Learning programs, and Regional Occupational Programs. The 2013-14 budget established the California Career Pathways Trust that will provide competitive grants to school districts, county superintendents of schools, charter schools, and community colleges to further develop career pathways and to strengthen connections with postsecondary institutions and business/industry.

33% (5 Million)

California workers earning less then $13.63 per hour



  • Linking Initiatives
  • Building on the strengths of existing programs and institutions
  • Creating a stable, regional infrastructure across programs and institutions
  • Developing models for successful leveraging
  • Articulating pathways
  • Building exemplars while addressing the needs of California’s multiple regions
  • Doing what works
  • Enhancing funding of community college career technical education in high-priority occupations
    and careers


  • Targeting Investments to Key Industry
  • Implementing the California Clean Energy Jobs
  • Strengthening the Role of the State Workforce

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