Call to Action: Support Education & Workforce Development Bills Pending in the Assembly Appropriations Committee!

Please join our advocacy efforts to support education and workforce bills pending before the Assembly Appropriations Committee! The hearing will take place Thursday, May 16 upon adjournment of session (session begins at 9:00 am). View the live hearing here

Provided below is a list of pending bills and brief descriptions, along with links to the full bill text and fact sheets. You will also find a link to advocacy tools with letter templates, sample emails, phone call scripts, and social media posts you can modify and use. 

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AB 2458 (Berman) Student Parents. This bill seeks to empower student parents by easing financial burdens, facilitating enrollment, and enhancing graduation rates in their pursuit of higher education. This legislation strives to guarantee that student parents access the financial assistance they need, factoring in childcare costs. Furthermore, it mandates college campuses (UC, CSU, CCC) to gather and analyze data to propel student-parent achievement. Factsheet  Advocacy Tools



AB 2769 (Ortega) Apprenticeships: income tax returns. This bill would mandate the Franchise Tax Board to include a checkbox on individual income tax returns for taxable years starting January 1, 2025. Taxpayers can choose to give consent for sharing their information with the Division of Apprenticeship Standards, allowing them to receive information about apprenticeship programs in California. Factsheet  Advocacy Tools



AB 2873 (Garcia) Breaking Barriers to Employment Initiative. This bill would make changes to Breaking Barriers by setting aside 15% of any future allocated funds to prospective grantees, like community-based organizations, who were unable to secure a workforce board partner entity before the deadline but were able to meet all other requirements. Any funds not used in this allocation will roll over to the next application cycle. Factsheet  Advocacy Tools

Sign-on in Support of EDGE’s Recommendations for the
Master Plan for Career Education


Last year, Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order that directs key state agencies and higher education institutions to develop a Master Plan for Career Education that will align and integrate recent investments in education and workforce programs, many of which are currently siloed across various state agencies. As the Master Plan for Career Education progresses, EDGE has developed recommendations aimed at promoting crucial policies and investments, as well as foster strategic partnerships. These efforts aim to bolster education and workforce development objectives, ultimately enhancing economic mobility for students, working families, and industries across CaliforniaLearn more about EDGE’s recommendations and sign on in support here!



Join us in support of Opportunity Youth (OY) in California! EDGE’s 2024
Opportunity Youth Policy Agenda seeks to advance policies and investments that
will support OY in accessing and completing education and training programs
that lead them to good jobs, while also supporting the workforce needs of
Learn more about our 2024 OY Policy Agenda and sign on in support 

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