2023 Annual Report

Dear colleagues, partners, and friends,

I am delighted to present the CA EDGE Coalition’s 2023 Annual Report, highlighting the remarkable accomplishments we’ve achieved in the past year. As the Executive Director, it’s a great privilege to share with you the inspiring journey of our organization and the transformative impact we’ve had on California’s education and workforce development landscape

In 2023, EDGE continued to lead the charge in fostering innovation, collaboration, and progress in education and workforce development. Our collective efforts, alongside dedicated partners, have resulted in numerous successes that have helped shape the future of our state. This year’s report is a testament to the unwavering commitment of our board, staff team, and partners in building a more inclusive, prosperous, and equitable California. 

Join us in celebrating the achievements of the CA EDGE Coalition as we work together to make a brighter future for all Californians. Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication.

Warm regards,
Zima Creason
Executive Director

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