2022- 2023

EDGE Legislative Update, End of Session, October 2022

On September 30th, Governor Newsom took final action on all pending measures that were passed by the Legislature – a total of 1,166 bills. Of these bills, hundreds were signed into law that are considered to be some of the most historic pieces of legislation ever approved, such as workplace rights and better working conditions for farmworkers and fast-food workers, increased paid family leave for workers paid low wages, remedial education reform, investments in training to expand the health care workforce, measures to address climate justice and housing affordability, and increased career tech education opportunities.

EDGE Legislative Update, August 2022

August 31st marked the end of the 2021-2022 legislative session, where hundreds of bills were voted on by the Legislature. EDGE is excited to see the passage of our priority bills that are now on the way to the Governor’s desk! The Governor has until September 30th to sign or veto all bills passed by the Legislature, and we are working hard to ensure measures that are intended to support working families, adult learners, opportunity youth, students earning low incomes, and industry are chaptered into law.

EDGE Legislative Update, July 2022

On July 1st, the Legislature kicked off a month-long summer recess and is scheduled to reconvene on Monday, August 1st. Prior to the recess, Governor Newsom signed the state budget on June 30th – a historic $300 billion budget package in the areas of education, workforce development and the economy. The 2022-23 state budget reflects an agreement and collaboration between the Governor and the Legislature after months of negotiations on how to best meet the needs of all Californians. We are excited to see several of EDGE’s budget priorities make it into the final budget, including a commitment to revamping the state’s student financial aid system (Cal Grant Reform), investments to strengthen and expand dual enrollment opportunities, financial relief for small businesses, and investments in health care and food security for immigrant communities.

EDGE Legislative Update, June 2022

Throughout the month of June, policy committees held various hearings and voted on hundreds of bills in the areas of student financial aid reform, remedial education, dual enrollment opportunities, and workforce development strategies – all intended to support working families, small businesses, students, opportunity youth, adult learners, and strengthen California’s workforce. As for next steps, all bills must pass their respective policy committee by the July 1st deadline, prior to summer recess, in order to advance in the legislative process.

EDGE Legislative Update, April 2022

On April 18th, the Legislature returned from their week-long spring recess and faced a fast-approaching deadline for policy committees to send all fiscal bills to the appropriations committees by April 29th. Thus far, we’ve seen groundbreaking legislation pass several key committees in the areas of student financial aid reform, dual enrollment opportunities, and strengthening workforce development strategies – all intended to support working families, small businesses, underserved students, opportunity youth, adult learners, and to ultimately boost California’s workforce.

2021- 2022

EDGE Legislative Update, October 2021

As the Governor’s deadline to take action on pending legislation came to a close on October 10th, all of us at EDGE are excited to see several priority bills chaptered into law! Building upon last year’s efforts to support and uplift working families and bolster California’s economy, the Governor signed critical measures that EDGE has been supportive of throughout the year in the areas of broadband access, expansion of workforce training opportunities, and support services for justice-involved students attending community colleges.

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