Governor Brown Releases 2018-19 Budget Proposal

As California enters another budgeting year with a projected surplus, the Governor’s Budget Proposal continues its focus on investing in strategies aimed at providing students and workers with the education and training that leads to good jobs and upward mobility. Here are highlights from the proposed Budget:

K-12 Career Technical Education

The Budget proposes an ongoing $200 M investment to establish a K-12 component to the California Community College Strong Workforce program to develop, and support K-12 CTE programs that are aligned with needed industry skills. An additional $12 M ongoing amount is proposed to fund local industry experts who will provide technical support to local education agencies.

CCC Student-Focused Funding Formula

The Budget proposes a new supplemental funding formula to college districts that would provide districts with additional funding based on the number of low-income students enrolled and  the number of degrees and certificates completed within 3 years.

CCC Online College

The Budget proposes an investment of $20 M ongoing and $100 M in one-time funds for the development of a fully online California community college that will create and coordinate “accessible, flexible, and high-quality” online courses and programs in order to expand access to college for working adults and others.

Adult Education

The Budget proposes a $20.5 M cost-of-living adjustment to the annual $500 M in ongoing support for the Adult Education Block Grant Program along with a $5 M investment in a data collection and accountability system.


The Budget proposes an ongoing increase of $17.8 M to the $55 M  funding in the current budget year for K-12 and community college-sponsored apprenticeship programs.

Employment Training Panel

The Budget proposes $88.8 M to fund ETP, an increase of $10 M over the current year budget.

Financial Aid

The Budget proposes $46 M to implement the California College Promise to waive some or all community college fees for first-time, full-time resident students or for other innovative ways to improve student success goals. It also proposes $32.9 M to consolidate the Full-Time Student Success Grant and the Completion Grant programs into a more streamlined community college financial aid program.

Innovation Grants

The Budget proposes $20 M in one-time funds for grants that support innovation in higher education equity.

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