Leola Roberts

Administrative Assistant
California EDGE Coalition

Leola Roberts is the Administrative Assistant for the California Edge Coalition. Prior to her role at the EDGE, Leola made significant contributions to the California State Assembly in the Speaker’s Appointments Unit. Here, she orchestrated the intricate process of Speaker’s appointments to numerous state boards, commissions, and taskforces, showcasing her adept organizational skills and attention to detail.

Leola’s legislative journey commenced in 2017 when she first joined Speaker Emeritus Rendon’s office as a Special Assistant to the Speaker. She played a pivotal role in coordinating district and Speaker events, showcasing her versatility and dedication to her work.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Leola is a passionate advocate. In her spare time, she founded Courageous Hearts, a community organization dedicated to raising awareness and providing care packages for children and families across the United States who are battling cancer, demonstrating her compassionate spirit and commitment to making a positive impact beyond her professional sphere.