Sign On Today – Letter to the Future of Work Commission

Join Skills for CA in calling for policies that create a better and fairer economic future for all Californians where everyone has what they need to thrive.

Our letter to California’s Future of Work Commission supports their commitment to racial equity and a high-road economy and offers five workforce development strategies for consideration as they move towards submitting their final recommendations. Together, we are urging the Commission to:

  1. Expand high-road industry partnerships that create regionally specific, industry-targeted strategies that meet the needs of workers, businesses, and communities alike.
  2. Ensure that local workers have access to quality jobs created by infrastructure investments.
  3. Expand pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeship, and high-quality work-based learning.
  4. Support digital access and learning for all workers while also ensuring that it is high quality, equitable and inclusive.
  5. Provide public data tools that can be used to identify equity gaps and solutions for closing them.

Sign on and urge California’s Future of Work Commission to adopt our set of policy recommendations by September 14th

Please contact Devon Miner if you have any questions.

The Skills for CA Network is powered by the California EDGE Coalition and the National Skills Coalition.

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