Competency-Based Education: A Strategy for Skills Upgrading in California

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CBE Forum attendees at the table

Thank you to those who attended the Policy Forum on EDGE’s recent report, Competency-Based Education: A Strategy for Upskilling in California. The Forum featured a phenomenal panel of education experts to discuss the use of Competency-Based Education (CBE) as a tool to promote equity and economic mobility in California’s workforce. The panelists included:

Eric Heiser, Dean, School of Applied Technology and Technical Specialties, Salt Lake Community College
Marcy Drummond, Acting Vice President, Pathway Innovation and Institutional Effectiveness
Jesus Garcia, Chair, Advanced Transportation Workforce Institute
Heather Hiles, President and CEO, California Online Community College District

These panelists discussed their experiences with CBE in their own institutions, best practices and standard features of high-quality programs, challenges and potential pitfalls within implementation, and key considerations in policy development.

CBE has the opportunity to support the large percentage of California’s underemployed workforce, who want to expand their skillset and increase their income. While CBE is not a panacea, it has the potential to provide opportunities to students, employers, and California at large. EDGE is excited to continue collaborating with our partners as we explore opportunities to promote and expand quality CBE throughout the State.

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